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My name is Samu Csernák, I am a nominated Hungarian composer. I create original acoustic and electronic music for TV-Radio spots, multimedia, commercials, promotions, film, theatre and short movies. I began my music studies at the age of nine with a private teacher, Mihály Gász, who was an accordion virtuoso. Because of his motivation I apply to study at the Music School of Mohács. There, and at Liszt Ferenc Music School Pécs, I learned classical music theory and playing the piano. Martyn Ferenc Art School (led by Mária Apagyi and Ferenc Lantos) was the next step for me to improve my composition (solo instrument, chamber orchestra) and improvisation skills while playing jazz on piano and studying folk instruments.

In the meantime, I co-founded the nu-jazz band Singas Project, we have released three albums and made numerous appearances on foreign CD compilations. In short time we got noticed by high level organisers from our neighbouring countries and started playing at prestigious international festivals like Bratislava Jazz Festival or Sarajevo Winter Festival. We have performed hundreds of concerts from Brussels to Istanbul. In 2010 Singas had been working together with Alexander Balanescu



Singas Project

Singas Project – Made In Moon (2015) EP
Singas Project – Too many girlfriends, too many boyfriends (2011) EP
Singas Project – This is Theatre, Honey (2009) CD
Singas Project – YoLife (2007) CD – nomination: Album of the year – Fonogram Award (Budapest – Hungary)
Singas Project – Merry-Go-Round (2006) CD

Appearances on Music Compilations

Chirality – Cafe Csiga No. 1 – Singas Project – Oh Daddy (2010)
Beck’s Music Experience vol 1. – Singas Project – Searching For Happiness (2008)
Sunset Cafe 5 – Singas Project – The Senses From My Bed (Sunset Version) (2008)
Café del Mar, Vol. 13 – Singas Project – Voice (Ibiza – Spain) (2006)
Sunset Cafe 4 – Singas Project – Find Again (2005)

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