Made In Moon – Singas Project

The Singas Project is a quite usual formation at first sight.

The Singas Project consists of two man behind the carpet. Kores – double bass, bass guitars, v-bass synth, Zozo (Samu) – piano, rhodes, synths, samplers. We produce Singas. Nu jazz or old-school, Singas Project performs remarkable live acts which is why they have already featured on most European festivals. They even have a track on the Café del Mar compilations. We work with our friends: Dalma the talented vocalist with much respect for the diverse styles stemming from jazz, Beata Rostas Piros the amazing singing sculpture, Ady the crazy saxophonist, Czimi – drum, Aron Porteleki – drum, Ferenc Koles – actor and atleast but not last TG aka SunPrince – slam, slam poetry.

Kornel Dénes Szabó: doublebass/bass, – vocal
Samu Z. Csernák: piano/keyboard/FX
Áron Pilári: drum, percussion

Singas LP:
Debüt Jazz – Maxi royality 2005. Chameleon Records
Soundtrapp – Maxi – royalty 2005. Chameleon Records
Yo Life 2007 Chameleon Records
This Is The Theatre Honey LP 2010 Chameleon Records
Too many girlfriends, too many boyfriend EP – 2011 Chameleon Records


SunSet 4 – Purba Records 2005.
Cafe del Mar XIII – The Voice – Cafe del Mar Records 2006.
WAN2 – A jővő mérnökei 2007. – válogatáslemeze WAN2 cd melléklet
YO LIFE – Chameleon Records 2007. – LP of the Year Nominated – MAHASZ
Hungry for Hungary2 – 2008. Magyar Zenei Exportiroda
SunSet 5 – Purba Records 2008.
Becks Hot Top I.-Chameleon Records 2008.
Delicious Lounge – 25 Rare&Deluxe Lounge Tunes,Vol.2 – 2014 Elements Of Life
Chillout Summer,Vol.1-Vol.3 Elements Of Life – 2014 Downbeat Realms Records
Chillout Girls – Downbeat Realms Records – -2014 Musicheads Rec.
Smooth and Sexy Collection, Vol. 1 -2014 Musicheads Rec.
Chillout Session,Vol. 1 – 2014 Downbeat Realms Records
Lounge-Caves-Journey Vol.1 -2014 Musicheads Rec.
Sunny Chillout House, Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 – 2014 Bloodsugar Records
Soulful Lounge Session – 2014 Bloodsugar Records
Best Tunes from the Worlds Roads -2014 Musicheads Rec.


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