What they say about Samu

Angéla Kolozsi (puppet-player)

During rehearsals for puppet theatre production Bódog and Szomorilla I was lucky to meet an excellent composer in Samu Csernák. Samu was able to interpret our ideas, concepts and vision and translate them into a fitting score. He was able to put our thoughts into musical compositions. Samu has the perfect mix of work ethic, playfulness, imagination, innovation, dramaturgic sense (that’s necessary for a theatre music composer), humor and sense of style that makes him a pleasure to work with. And what’s important: he understands exquisitely the directors, who are not competent in music at all.

Renato Csatich (independent filmmaker)

What is a good soundtrack like? How could music be an addition to the moving pictures? How can the composer help the narrative? If we are looking to answer these question we will inevitably need to find a collaborator – in this case a composer – who can add to the creative process just as the screenwriter, cameraman or best boy. As a young composer Samu Csernak can provide such opportunities to any ambitious director. Just as Michael Nyman has done for Peter Greenway or Andrew Dickson for Mike Leigh.

Attila Szabó (director, writer)

Samu Csernák and music:
Star-gazer. Backs out from the world’s flow with naive trickiness.
Playful. The wave’s way to the coast.
Silent. Just like a bit of silence between night and dawn.
Investigator. Ranger.
Arrived. Someone who knows what to do.
Happy. The fiddlestick’s breath before the first sound.


Balazs Ita (samplerbanks.com)

Samu is a multi-faceted musician. He is at home not only in modern genres, but has firm roots in classical music. He can do more than follow a written composition, but can compose classical chamber pieces. A real multi-instrumentalist, who bravely uses the keyboard, stringed and percussion instruments, Samu also feels home in the world of electronic instruments and technology. Because of his studio-technology experiences he can achieve his own work until the final outcome, this is assisted by his experiences of experimentation and concert performances, through which he became known internationally. The thing that makes Samu unique as a composer and musician is that his music is not based on following trends. His multi-coloured personality and character give the idiomatic emotional spirit, the fascinating and observing power.


Tom Leisz (graphic designer)

Working with Samu always excites me. Not only his deep technical skills but whenever he provided background music, he uncovers a new perspective. I found myself inspired, lifted up to a different level. Looking forward to be involved in more projects with him.