The Fence – Episode 3 – Will Your Spirit Fly

What is the main story? – you could ask – What is the story of our world? Is there anyone (God maybe, the main storyteller) who tells his own story? And are we living this story now to make some sense of our lives?
It’s up to you…We merely give you a chance to create your own version. We show you the path, but you do the walking.

The lovely crew:

Alexandra Collins
Thomas Ward

Holly Fletcher – Stylist, script (voice over)
Endre Csaszar – Photographer
Samu Csernak – Music
Renato Csatich – Director
Tamas Leisz – Producer

Special thanks:

String Quartet of Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra (Pecs, Hungary)

Agnes Vass – Violin I
Timea Toth – Violin II
Gabriella Misanyi – Viola
Fruzsina Fatyol – Cello


Peter Baksa – Double Bass


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pannon philharmonic orchestra